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Created February 26, 2019 15:52
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Chocolatey Packages I Use
cinst visualstudio2017professional --package-parameters "--allWorkloads --includeRecommended --includeOptional --passive --locale en-US" -y
cinst 7zip -y
cinst autohotkey -y
cinst azcopy -y
cinst balsamiqmockups3 -y
cinst bind-toolsonly -y
cinst chefdk -y
cinst chocolateygui -y
cinst clink -y
cinst ConEmu -y
cinst cpu-z -y
cinst crystaldiskmark -y
cinst ditto -y
cinst DotNet3.5 -y
cinst DotNet4.5 -y
cinst DotNet4.5.2 -y
cinst DotNet4.6.1 -y
cinst dotnet4.7.1 -y
cinst aspnetmvc -y
cinst evernote -y
cinst fiddler4 -y
cinst filezilla -y
cinst Firefox -y
cinst foxitreader -y
cinst freemind -y
cinst git -y
cinst google-chrome-x64 -y
cinst greenshot -y
cinst lastpass -y
cinst lastpass-for-applications -y
cinst linqpad -y
cinst nuget.commandline -y
cinst -y
cinst papercut -y
cinst poshgit -y
cinst postman -y
cinst PowerShell -y
cinst powershell-core -y
cinst putty -y
cinst redis-64 -y
cinst redis-desktop-manager -y
cinst resharper -y
cinst screentogif -y
cinst skype -y
cinst slack -y
cinst SourceTree -y
cinst sql-server-management-studio -y
cinst SqlSearch -y
cinst sublimetext3 -y
cinst sysinternals -y
cinst urlrewrite -y
cinst vagrant -y
cinst virtualbox -y
cinst VirtualBox.ExtensionPack -y
cinst vcredist2015 -y
cinst vlc -y
cinst windirstat -y
cinst winmerge -y
cinst winscp -y
cinst nodejs -y
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