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Digitally Imported premium streams
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Ambient
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Big Room House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Breaks
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - ChillHop
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Chillout
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Chillout Dreams
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Chiptunes
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Classic EuroDance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Classic EuroDisco
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Classic Trance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Classic Vocal Trance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Club Dubstep
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Club Sounds
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Cosmic Downtempo
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Dark DnB
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Deep House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Deep Nu-Disco
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Deep Tech
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Disco House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - DJ MIXES
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Downtempo Lounge
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Drum and Bass
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Dubstep
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - EcLectronica
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Electro House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Epic Trance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - EuroDance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Funky House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Future Synthpop
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Glitch Hop
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Goa & Psychedelic Trance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Hands Up
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Hardcore
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Hard Dance
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Hardstyle
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Latin House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Liquid DnB
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Liquid Dubstep
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Lounge
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Mainstage
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Minimal
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Oldschool Acid
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Classic Electronica
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Progressive
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Progressive Psy
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - PsyChill
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Russian Club Hits
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Sankeys Radio
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Soulful House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Space Dreams
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Tech House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Techno
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Trance Channel
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Trap
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Tribal House
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - UK Garage
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - UMF Radio
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Vocal Chillout
#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Vocal Trance

Thank you!

Awesome. So much better than browser player. Thank you.

thank you bro

Thanks, I missed this so much!

The links worked 2 hours ago but now they won't load, and when they did work, I could not save them as playlists. Help, please.

Perfect! Works with pi musicbox by adding the URLs to "Streams" via the web-based frontend

I confirm what @marcodamm said :) I finally got a chance to use my first RPi which was in the drawer over a year (since I got version 2).

Thank you!!
These url's works perfectly fine from my XMMS2 Esperanza Client

RvnDrk commented Sep 19, 2016

Thank you!!!

Can someone Make Liquid trap link ? i only listen to it :()

nitramwin commented Dec 6, 2016

This also works

#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Melodic Progressive

Also, @theogr91

#EXTINF:-1,Digitally Imported - Liquid Trap

@sim642 perhaps you can update the note, above? Thanks for your work!

Can you please help me with link for CHILL & TROPICAL HOUSE ?
Thank you !

DHoco commented Feb 7, 2017

Obrigado, muito bom!!!! :-) from Brazil

For streams not in the list just go to the DI site and select your stream, then copy the last part of the URL and replace THIS with whatever you copied in:
Electro Swing f.e:

kompowiec commented Mar 6, 2017

Very cool, thank you with list.

timonoj commented Mar 13, 2017

Thanks a lot! Finally I can hook my Pioneer amp so it streams directly by itself without having to go through weird hoops to do so from any other app from the phone.

Awesome! All stream links work .Thanksssssssssssssssssss a lotttttttttttt.................

cyptus commented May 10, 2017

could you support https?

thdoan commented May 21, 2017

Correction: change "oldschool" to "classic" in

leem32 commented May 21, 2017

Could someone add the Gabber stream??
Thanks :)

Edit: doesn't matter,
I've done it now.
Just add gabba to THIS.

culiche commented Jun 5, 2017

Wohaaaa.. amazing .. thx

yssmcl commented Jun 24, 2017

Thank you!

I used vlc for android. Many Thanks

bedjan commented Jul 2, 2017


dorneanu commented Jul 4, 2017

awesome! thanks!


ghost commented Aug 1, 2017

The online-player can be found at this url:

RDCH106 commented Aug 24, 2017

I have created a minimalist and responsive player using DI.m3u .
You can find the project here:
The player uses native capabilities of the web browser.
Try it:

I miss dreamscapes, nature and drumstep.

And edmfest

wannaplay2009 commented Oct 18, 2017

none of the links are working anymore and also the nice player by ghost isn't

Jlx27 commented Oct 19, 2017

The Trance link doesn't work anymore when playing it it plays the wrong music.

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