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goenv environment; cross compile with goxc #golang
~GOPATH/src/ master
❯ GOROOT="${HOME}/.goenv/versions/$(goenv version)" goxc -goroot=$GOROOT
[goxc:pkg-build] 2014/03/11 09:03:28 Task pkg-build succeeded
[goxc:rmbin] 2014/03/11 09:03:28 Task rmbin succeeded
[goxc:downloads-page] 2014/03/11 09:03:28 Task downloads-page succeeded
~GOPATH/src/ master
❯ ls snapshot tomlv_linux_arm.tar.gz tomlv_snapshot_i386.deb tomlv_linux_386.tar.gz tomlv_snapshot_amd64.deb tomlv_linux_amd64.tar.gz tomlv_snapshot_armhf.deb
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