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Compare MD5 checksums for all files in a local Dropbox directory with a remote one. Use for example to reconcile your Dropbox directory between your laptop and workstation. You will be surprised over what you may find... Script was written for Mac OS X. You must of course have "Remote Login" enabled (System Preferences/Sharing).
#!/bin/bash -ex
# Example usage:
# $ ./
EXCLUDES="-name '*.DS_Store' -or -path './.dropbox.cache*' -or -name 'Icon*' -or -name .dropbox"
EXEC="-type f -exec md5 -r \"{}\" \;"
FIND="find . \! \( $EXCLUDES \) $EXEC"
diff <(cd ~/Dropbox; bash -c "$FIND") \
<(ssh $REMOTE_HOST "cd ~/Dropbox; bash -c \"$FIND\"") \
| less
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