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recursively get all downstream jenkins artifact urls
#!/usr/bin/env python
Run on Jenkins to print a url for each artifact generated by a downstream multijob build.
import os
import requests
BUILD_URL = os.environ['BUILD_URL']
def find_artifact_urls(build_url):
artifact_urls = []
res = requests.get('%s/api/json' % build_url, verify=False).json()
if 'subBuilds' in res:
for subbuild in res['subBuilds']:
artifact_urls.extend(find_artifact_urls(JENKINS_URL + subbuild['url']))
if 'artifacts' in res:
for artifact in res['artifacts']:
artifact_urls.append("%sartifact/%s" % (res['url'], artifact['relativePath']))
return artifact_urls
for url in find_artifact_urls(BUILD_URL):
print url
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  • note that the subBuilds key might be specific to the multijob plugin; I haven't tested this without it.
  • we use this at Venmo to implement a fork/join style workflow -- the top-most build creates many parallel children, waits for them to finish, then collects their results (tests, coverage, etc) and merges them

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