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nlap /
Last active January 3, 2022 21:07
graph-tool on Ubuntu 14.04

graph-tool on Ubuntu 14.04

Recommended: Graph-tool one-line install commands:

anaconda conda create --name gt -c conda-forge graph-tool

homebrew brew install graph-tool

rain1024 /
Last active June 11, 2024 19:27
Install pdflatex ubuntu

PdfLatex is a tool that converts Latex sources into PDF. This is specifically very important for researchers, as they use it to publish their findings. It could be installed very easily using Linux terminal, though this seems an annoying task on Windows. Installation commands are given below.

  • Install the TexLive base
sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base
  • Also install the recommended and extra fonts to avoid running into the error [1], when trying to use pdflatex on latex files with more fonts.
ansjsun / gist:6304960
Created August 22, 2013 09:18
word2vec java 读取 model
package com.ansj.vec;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
luw2007 / 词性标记.md
Last active May 29, 2024 20:18
词性标记: 包含 ICTPOS3.0词性标记集、ICTCLAS 汉语词性标注集、jieba 字典中出现的词性、simhash 中可以忽略的部分词性


  • 实词:名词、动词、形容词、状态词、区别词、数词、量词、代词
  • 虚词:副词、介词、连词、助词、拟声词、叹词。


n 名词

nr 人名

sonkm3 / gist:1554556
Created January 3, 2012 11:27
python classmethod/staticmethod with inheritance
class Foo():
message = "I'm Foo class"
def method(self, foo): = foo
print self.message
def class_method(cls, foo): = foo