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Testing throws in Solidity
pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
This is for testing if a transaction would throw.
Contract calls rethrow when it encounters errors.
Raw calls do not.
You wrap your contract you want to test in a ThrowProxy.
You prime it by calling the fallback function.
Then executing it.
False will be returned if it threw.
True will be return it it did not throw or OOG.
contract ThrowProxy {
address public target;
bytes data;
function ThrowProxy(address _target) {
target = _target;
//prime the data using the fallback function.
function() {
data =;
function execute() returns (bool) {
contract Something {
function doThrow() {
function doNoThrow() {
contract TestSomething {
function testThrow() returns (bool) {
Something s = new Something();
ThrowProxy t = new ThrowProxy(address(s));
//prime the proxy.
//execute the call that is supposed to throw.
bool r = t.execute(); //r will be false if it threw. r will be true if it didn't.
//do assert here.
return r;
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simondlr commented Dec 7, 2016


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