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Screen Quick Reference


Description Command
Start a new session with session name screen -S <session_name>
List running sessions / screens screen -ls
Attach to a running session screen -x
Attach to a running session with name screen -r <session_name>
simonkeng /
Created June 5, 2019 18:59 — forked from MohamedAlaa/tmux-cheatsheet.markdown
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname
simonkeng /
Last active August 9, 2017 20:03 — forked from soobrosa/
CSV to Google Sheets, command line tool using gspread and oauth2client with Sheets API
# My fork of this script
# I am using an older version of oauth2client
# if you encounter problems with import errors for oauth2
# try doing:
# pip install oauth2client==1.5.2
# Usage:
# python filename.csv sheet_name
# In case your Google Account protected