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ghc-pkg-clean, ghc-pkg-reset
# unregister broken GHC packages. Run this a few times to resolve dependency rot in installed packages.
# ghc-pkg-clean -f cabal/dev/packages*.conf also works.
function ghc-pkg-clean() {
for p in `ghc-pkg check $* 2>&1 | grep problems | awk '{print $6}' | sed -e 's/:$//'`
echo unregistering $p; ghc-pkg $* unregister $p
# remove all installed GHC/cabal packages, leaving ~/.cabal binaries and docs in place.
# When all else fails, use this to get out of dependency hell and start over.
function ghc-pkg-reset() {
read -p 'erasing all your user ghc and cabal packages - are you sure (y/n) ? ' ans
test x$ans == xy && ( \
echo 'erasing directories under ~/.ghc'; rm -rf `find ~/.ghc -maxdepth 1 -type d`; \
echo 'erasing ~/.cabal/lib'; rm -rf ~/.cabal/lib; \
# echo 'erasing ~/.cabal/packages'; rm -rf ~/.cabal/packages; \
# echo 'erasing ~/.cabal/share'; rm -rf ~/.cabal/share; \
alias cabalupgrades="cabal list --installed | egrep -iv '(synopsis|homepage|license)'"

I modified your ghc-pkg-reset shell function to work on zsh as well as bash if you're interested:

p-alik commented Feb 4, 2017

@timmytofu, read build-in in zsh doesn't accept -p flag.
Then /proc is Linux virtual fs. FreeBSD - and other too - doesn't use it.
Here an other attempt to get rid of OS specifics

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