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Created Jan 31, 2019
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hledger commands list 20190131
$ hledger
hledger 1.12.99
Commands (+ addons found in $PATH):
Data entry (these commands modify the journal file):
add add transactions using guided prompts
+iadd add transactions using curses ui
import add any new transactions from other files (eg csv)
Data management:
+check check more powerful balance assertions
check-dates check transactions are ordered by date
check-dupes check for accounts with the same leaf name
close (equity) generate balance-resetting transactions
+diff compare account transactions in two journal files
+interest generate interest transactions
rewrite generate automated postings/diffs (old, use --auto)
Financial reports:
balancesheet (bs) show assets, liabilities and net worth
balancesheetequity (bse) show assets, liabilities and equity
cashflow (cf) show changes in liquid assets
incomestatement (is) show revenues and expenses
roi show return on investments
Low-level reports:
accounts (a) show account names
activity show postings-per-interval bar charts
balance (b, bal) show balance changes/end balances/budgets in accounts
files show input file paths
prices show market price records
print (p, txns) show transactions (journal entries)
print-unique show only transactions with unique descriptions
register (r, reg) show postings in one or more accounts & running total
register-match show a recent posting that best matches a description
stats show journal statistics
tags show tag names
test run self tests
Alternate user interfaces:
+ui run curses ui
+web run web ui
+api run http api server
(no arguments) show this commands list
-h show general flags
COMMAND -h show flags & docs for COMMAND
help [MANUAL] show hledger manuals in various formats
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