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# Highlight a given file and copy it as RTF.
# Simon Olofsson <>
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
# 1. Run pygmentize
# 2. Set the fontsize to 30 Points (=60 half-points)
# 3. Remove all newlines
# 4. Remove trailing paragraph, to prevent a line break
# 5. Copy the result to the clipboard
pygmentize -f rtf -O 'fontface=Monaco,style=tango' $1 | sed 's;\\f0;\\f0\\fs60;g' | tr -d '\n' | sed 's;\\par}$;};' | pbcopy

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phdesign commented Feb 20, 2018

pygmentize v2.0 now supports fontsize. Also you could pass all command line arguments onto pygmentize, e.g.

pygmentize -f rtf -O 'fontface= Monaco,fontsize=60,style= tango' "$@" | tr -d '\n' | sed 's;\\par}$;};' | pbcopy
# USAGE: -l css styles.css
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