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#Lamb (or beef) bolognese/ragu

This takes an hour or a little more to make. The longer you take to make it, the better it will be. You can compress the recipe if need be. It does very well as a leftover so feel free to make a lot

So I don't do much measuring in cooking but usually recipes are kind of pinned to "proportions". The main proportion thing for this recipe is:

0.5 to 1 pound of meat for 1 full can of tomato sauce, and maybe 1/2 pound of pasta or less (1/3 pound), depending on how much sauce you like.

The ingredients are, in order of use:

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// Type definitions for GoJS v1.7
// Project:
// Definitions by: Northwoods Software <>
// Definitions:
/* Copyright (C) 1998-2017 by Northwoods Software Corporation. */
declare namespace go {
/** A number in place of a Margin object is treated as a uniform Margin with that thickness */
export type MarginLike = Margin | number;

The article:

The IMO key quote:

Games, with their endless task lists and character-leveling systems, their choice architectures and mission checklists, are purpose generators. They bring order to gamers' lives.

Even the most open-ended games tend to offer a sense of progress and direction, completion and commitment. In other words, they make people happy—or at least happier, serving as a buffer between the player and despair. Video games, you might say, offer a sort of universal basic income for the soul.

> What exactly does it mean for a game to be appealing and engaging? What does it mean for games to be fun—so much fun, in some cases, that players will devote hundreds or even thousands of hours a year to playing them? [...] One way to do that, it turns out, is to give people a sense of earned achievement. "What games are good at—what they are designed to do—is simulate being good at something," Wolpaw says.

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by Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera
I want to die as the day declines,
at high sea and facing the sky,
while agony seems like a dream
and my soul like a bird that can fly.
To hear not, at this last moment,
once alone with sky and sea,
any more voices nor weeping prayers
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From Coriolanus Act 4 Scene 5:
First Servingman
Let me have war, say I; it exceeds peace as far as
day does night; it's spritely, waking, audible, and
full of vent. Peace is a very apoplexy, lethargy;
mulled, deaf, sleepy, insensible; a getter of more
bastard children than war's a destroyer of men.
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Bound Chickens
(by Du Fu, 712-770 BCE)
My little servant bound the chickens
ready to take to market;
the birds, resenting such harsh handling,
flapped their wings and cackled.
My family has little regard for chickens,
blames them for eating ants,
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Subject: Apologies for the downtime, but we're coming back stronger.

Dear Simon,

As you may already know, BrowserStack experienced an attack on 9th November, 2014 at 23:30 GMT during which an individual was able to gain unauthorized access to some of our users’ registered email addresses. He then tried to send an email to all our registered users, but he was only able to reach less than 1% (our estimate is 5,000 users). The email contained inaccurate information, even claiming that BrowserStack would be shutting down.

When we realized this, our only concern was to protect our users. This involved temporarily taking down the service, as we scrutinized each component carefully. This inconvenienced our users for several hours, and for that we are truly sorry.

What happened?

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I received this email just now:

Sbject: Your MDN email address was temporarily posted on a publicly accessible server

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) 8:14 PM (3 minutes ago) Reply to me Dear MDN user,