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by Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera
I want to die as the day declines,
at high sea and facing the sky,
while agony seems like a dream
and my soul like a bird that can fly.
To hear not, at this last moment,
once alone with sky and sea,
any more voices nor weeping prayers
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Where to Live (Du Fu)
West of the Flower Washing Stream,
not far downstream from the bridge,
the master has chosen a quiet spot
here in the woods by the river.
Living apart from the city crowds,
the world loosens its grip;
murmuring of this clear water dissolves

#Lamb (or beef) bolognese/ragu

This takes an hour or a little more to make. The longer you take to make it, the better it will be. You can compress the recipe if need be. It does very well as a leftover so feel free to make a lot

So I don't do much measuring in cooking but usually recipes are kind of pinned to "proportions". The main proportion thing for this recipe is:

0.5 to 1 pound of meat for 1 full can of tomato sauce, and maybe 1/2 pound of pasta or less (1/3 pound), depending on how much sauce you like.

The ingredients are, in order of use:

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// Type definitions for GoJS v1.7
// Project:
// Definitions by: Northwoods Software <>
// Definitions:
/* Copyright (C) 1998-2017 by Northwoods Software Corporation. */
declare namespace go {
/** A number in place of a Margin object is treated as a uniform Margin with that thickness */
export type MarginLike = Margin | number;

The article:

The IMO key quote:

Games, with their endless task lists and character-leveling systems, their choice architectures and mission checklists, are purpose generators. They bring order to gamers' lives.

Even the most open-ended games tend to offer a sense of progress and direction, completion and commitment. In other words, they make people happy—or at least happier, serving as a buffer between the player and despair. Video games, you might say, offer a sort of universal basic income for the soul.

> What exactly does it mean for a game to be appealing and engaging? What does it mean for games to be fun—so much fun, in some cases, that players will devote hundreds or even thousands of hours a year to playing them? [...] One way to do that, it turns out, is to give people a sense of earned achievement. "What games are good at—what they are designed to do—is simulate being good at something," Wolpaw says.

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// settings
var physics_accuracy = 3,
mouse_influence = 20,
mouse_cut = 6,
gravity = 2900,
cloth_height = 30,
cloth_width = 200,
start_y = 20,
spacing = 4,
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Created Dec 19, 2012
Words I've added to the Word dictionary just so I stop having to see red squiggles
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