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Created March 4, 2021 03:46
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from collections import defaultdict
from dateutil import parser
from urllib.parse import urlencode
import click
import csv
import httpx
import json
import pytz
import time
@click.argument("endpoint", type=click.Choice(["submitReport"], case_sensitive=False))
# Using utf-8-sig to skip the BOM at the start of the file
help="URL to the base of the API",
def cli(endpoint, csv_filepath, base_url):
"Replace CSV API logs exported from Airtable, see"
url = base_url + endpoint
reader = csv.DictReader(csv_filepath)
# Collect all of the rows we are going to process in memory
# - streaming would be more efficient, but I want to count
# the endpoint matches and show a progress bar
rows = [
for row in reader
if row["endpoint"] == endpoint and "SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE" not in row["payload"]
status_count = defaultdict(int)
with click.progressbar(rows, show_pos=True) as progress_rows:
for row in progress_rows:
status, data = send_row(row, url)
status_count[status] += 1
if status != 200:
click.echo(json.dumps(data, indent=2), err=True)
def send_row(row, url):
created_in_los_angeles = parser.parse(row["Created"])
tz = pytz.timezone("America/Los_Angeles")
created_in_utc = tz.localize(created_in_los_angeles).astimezone(pytz.UTC)
url += "?" + urlencode(
"test": 1,
"fake_user": row["auth0_reporter_id"],
"fake_timestamp": created_in_utc.isoformat(),
"fake_remote_ip": row["remote_ip"],
payload = json.loads(row["payload"])
response = None
errors = []
for i in range(1, 4):
response =, json=payload)
except Exception as e:
if response is None:
return 600, {"errors": errors}
data = response.json()
except Exception as e:
data = {"json_error": str(e)}
return response.status_code, {
"status": response.status_code,
"input": payload,
"output": data,
if __name__ == "__main__":
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