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All CSS properties
* CSS Properties
.properties {
align-content: value;
align-items: value;
align-self: value;
alignment-adjust: value;
alignment-baseline: value;
all: value;
alt: value;
animation: value;
animation-delay: value;
animation-direction: value;
animation-duration: value;
animation-fill-mode: value;
animation-iteration-count: value;
animation-name: value;
animation-play-state: value;
animation-timing-function: value;
azimuth: value;
backface-visibility: value;
background: value;
background-attachment: value;
background-clip: value;
background-color: value;
background-image: value;
background-origin: value;
background-position: value;
background-repeat: value;
background-size: value;
background-blend-mode: value;
baseline-shift: value;
bleed: value;
bookmark-label: value;
bookmark-level: value;
bookmark-state: value;
border: value;
border-color: value;
border-style: value;
border-width: value;
border-bottom: value;
border-bottom-color: value;
border-bottom-style: value;
border-bottom-width: value;
border-left: value;
border-left-color: value;
border-left-style: value;
border-left-width: value;
border-right: value;
border-right-color: value;
border-right-style: value;
border-right-width: value;
border-top: value;
border-top-color: value;
border-top-style: value;
border-top-width: value;
border-collapse: value;
border-image: value;
border-image-outset: value;
border-image-repeat: value;
border-image-slice: value;
border-image-source: value;
border-image-width: value;
border-radius: value;
border-bottom-left-radius: value;
border-bottom-right-radius: value;
border-top-left-radius: value;
border-top-right-radius: value;
border-spacing: value;
bottom: value;
box-decoration-break: value;
box-shadow: value;
box-sizing: value;
box-snap: value;
break-after: value;
break-before: value;
break-inside: value;
buffered-rendering: value;
caption-side: value;
clear: value;
clear-side: value;
clip: value;
clip-path: value;
clip-rule: value;
color: value;
color-adjust: value;
color-correction: value;
color-interpolation: value;
color-interpolation-filters: value;
color-profile: value;
color-rendering: value;
column-fill: value;
column-gap: value;
column-rule: value;
column-rule-color: value;
column-rule-style: value;
column-rule-width: value;
column-span: value;
columns: value;
column-count: value;
column-width: value;
contain: value;
content: value;
counter-increment: value;
counter-reset: value;
counter-set: value;
cue: value;
cue-after: value;
cue-before: value;
cursor: value;
direction: value;
display: value;
display-inside: value;
display-outside: value;
display-extras: value;
display-box: value;
dominant-baseline: value;
elevation: value;
empty-cells: value;
enable-background: value;
fill: value;
fill-opacity: value;
fill-rule: value;
filter: value;
float: value;
float-defer-column: value;
float-defer-page: value;
float-offset: value;
float-wrap: value;
flow-into: value;
flow-from: value;
flex: value;
flex-basis: value;
flex-grow: value;
flex-shrink: value;
flex-flow: value;
flex-direction: value;
flex-wrap: value;
flood-color: value;
flood-opacity: value;
font: value;
font-family: value;
font-size: value;
font-stretch: value;
font-style: value;
font-weight: value;
font-feature-settings: value;
font-kerning: value;
font-language-override: value;
font-size-adjust: value;
font-synthesis: value;
font-variant: value;
font-variant-alternates: value;
font-variant-caps: value;
font-variant-east-asian: value;
font-variant-ligatures: value;
font-variant-numeric: value;
font-variant-position: value;
footnote-policy: value;
glyph-orientation-horizontal: value;
glyph-orientation-vertical: value;
grid: value;
grid-auto-flow: value;
grid-auto-columns: value;
grid-auto-rows: value;
grid-template: value;
grid-template-areas: value;
grid-template-columns: value;
grid-template-rows: value;
grid-area: value;
grid-column: value;
grid-column-start: value;
grid-column-end: value;
grid-row: value;
grid-row-start: value;
grid-row-end: value;
hanging-punctuation: value;
height: value;
hyphenate-character: value;
hyphenate-limit-chars: value;
hyphenate-limit-last: value;
hyphenate-limit-lines: value;
hyphenate-limit-zone: value;
hyphens: value;
icon: value;
image-orientation: value;
image-resolution: value;
image-rendering: value;
ime: value;
ime-align: value;
ime-mode: value;
ime-offset: value;
ime-width: value;
initial-letters: value;
inline-box-align: value;
isolation: value;
justify-content: value;
justify-items: value;
justify-self: value;
kerning: value;
left: value;
letter-spacing: value;
lighting-color: value;
line-box-contain: value;
line-break: value;
line-grid: value;
line-height: value;
line-slack: value;
line-snap: value;
list-style: value;
list-style-image: value;
list-style-position: value;
list-style-type: value;
margin: value;
margin-bottom: value;
margin-left: value;
margin-right: value;
margin-top: value;
marker: value;
marker-end: value;
marker-mid: value;
marker-pattern: value;
marker-segment: value;
marker-start: value;
marker-knockout-left: value;
marker-knockout-right: value;
marker-side: value;
marks: value;
marquee-direction: value;
marquee-play-count: value;
marquee-speed: value;
marquee-style: value;
mask: value;
mask-image: value;
mask-repeat: value;
mask-position: value;
mask-clip: value;
mask-origin: value;
mask-size: value;
mask-box: value;
mask-box-outset: value;
mask-box-repeat: value;
mask-box-slice: value;
mask-box-source: value;
mask-box-width: value;
mask-type: value;
max-height: value;
max-lines: value;
max-width: value;
min-height: value;
min-width: value;
mix-blend-mode: value;
nav-down: value;
nav-index: value;
nav-left: value;
nav-right: value;
nav-up: value;
object-fit: value;
object-position: value;
offset-after: value;
offset-before: value;
offset-end: value;
offset-start: value;
opacity: value;
order: value;
orphans: value;
outline: value;
outline-color: value;
outline-style: value;
outline-width: value;
outline-offset: value;
overflow: value;
overflow-x: value;
overflow-y: value;
overflow-style: value;
overflow-wrap: value;
padding: value;
padding-bottom: value;
padding-left: value;
padding-right: value;
padding-top: value;
page: value;
page-break-after: value;
page-break-before: value;
page-break-inside: value;
paint-order: value;
pause: value;
pause-after: value;
pause-before: value;
perspective: value;
perspective-origin: value;
pitch: value;
pitch-range: value;
play-during: value;
pointer-events: value;
position: value;
quotes: value;
region-fragment: value;
resize: value;
rest: value;
rest-after: value;
rest-before: value;
richness: value;
right: value;
ruby-align: value;
ruby-merge: value;
ruby-position: value;
scroll-behavior: value;
scroll-snap-coordinate: value;
scroll-snap-destination: value;
scroll-snap-points-x: value;
scroll-snap-points-y: value;
scroll-snap-type: value;
shape-image-threshold: value;
shape-inside: value;
shape-margin: value;
shape-outside: value;
shape-padding: value;
shape-rendering: value;
size: value;
speak: value;
speak-as: value;
speak-header: value;
speak-numeral: value;
speak-punctuation: value;
speech-rate: value;
stop-color: value;
stop-opacity: value;
stress: value;
string-set: value;
stroke: value;
stroke-dasharray: value;
stroke-dashoffset: value;
stroke-linecap: value;
stroke-linejoin: value;
stroke-miterlimit: value;
stroke-opacity: value;
stroke-width: value;
tab-size: value;
table-layout: value;
text-align: value;
text-align-all: value;
text-align-last: value;
text-anchor: value;
text-combine-upright: value;
text-decoration: value;
text-decoration-color: value;
text-decoration-line: value;
text-decoration-style: value;
text-decoration-skip: value;
text-emphasis: value;
text-emphasis-color: value;
text-emphasis-style: value;
text-emphasis-position: value;
text-emphasis-skip: value;
text-height: value;
text-indent: value;
text-justify: value;
text-orientation: value;
text-overflow: value;
text-rendering: value;
text-shadow: value;
text-size-adjust: value;
text-space-collapse: value;
text-spacing: value;
text-transform: value;
text-underline-position: value;
text-wrap: value;
top: value;
touch-action: value;
transform: value;
transform-box: value;
transform-origin: value;
transform-style: value;
transition: value;
transition-delay: value;
transition-duration: value;
transition-property: value;
unicode-bidi: value;
vector-effect: value;
vertical-align: value;
visibility: value;
voice-balance: value;
voice-duration: value;
voice-family: value;
voice-pitch: value;
voice-range: value;
voice-rate: value;
voice-stress: value;
voice-volumn: value;
volume: value;
white-space: value;
widows: value;
width: value;
will-change: value;
word-break: value;
word-spacing: value;
word-wrap: value;
wrap-flow: value;
wrap-through: value;
writing-mode: value;
z-index: value;
--*: value;

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