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Last active Aug 25, 2021
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My work setup. Inspired by and


Operating system

  • MacOS (Laptop)
  • Ubuntu (Cloud)

Data science

  • Languages: R, Python, command line tools
  • Editor: Atom, RStudio for local R coding
  • Terminal: iTerm


  • Browser πŸ‘€: Firefox (syncing bookmarks)
  • Password manager πŸ”: 1Password
  • Organising 🀯: Trello
  • Bookmarking πŸ”–: Pocket
  • Reference manager πŸ“’: zotero, bibtex
  • Writing ⌨️: Grammarly
  • Conference calls ☎️: Zoom
  • Sketching/Taking notes 🎨: Paper, Notability
  • Presentations: Keynote by MacOS, xaringan (R Markdown)
  • Science Comm πŸ‘‚πŸ“’: Twitter, CastBox for podcasts


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