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Forked from paulirish/gist:366184
Created July 23, 2013 19:29
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// geo-location shim
// currentely only serves lat/long
// depends on jQuery
// doublecheck the ClientLocation results because it may returning null results
if (geolocation) return;
var cache;
geolocation = window.navigator.geolocation = {};
geolocation.getCurrentPosition = function(callback){
if (cache) callback(cache);
// sometimes ClientLocation comes back null
if (google.loader.ClientLocation) {
cache = {
coords : {
"latitude": google.loader.ClientLocation.latitude,
"longitude": google.loader.ClientLocation.longitude
geolocation.watchPosition = geolocation.getCurrentPosition;
// usage
console.log("I'm located at ",pos.coords.latitude,' and ',pos.coords.longitude);
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