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extension UIImage {
private final class UIImageActivityItemSource: NSObject, UIActivityItemSource {
var image = UIImage()
var title: String?
var url: URL?
func activityViewControllerPlaceholderItem(_ activityViewController: UIActivityViewController) -> Any {
func activityViewController(_ activityViewController: UIActivityViewController, itemForActivityType activityType: UIActivity.ActivityType?) -> Any? {
func activityViewControllerLinkMetadata(_: UIActivityViewController) -> LPLinkMetadata? {
let metadata = LPLinkMetadata()
if let url = url {
metadata.originalURL = url
metadata.url = url
if let title = title {
metadata.title = title
// This makes it so that the activity controller shows a thumbnail. It wouldn't if you just pass a plain UIImage to it.
metadata.imageProvider = NSItemProvider(object: image)
return metadata
Makes the image a source for an `UIActivityViewController`.
The benefit of using this instead of passing the image directly is that with this one the activity controller shows a thumbnail and you can also set title and URL.
func asActivityItemSource(
title: String? = nil,
url: URL? = nil
) -> UIActivityItemSource {
let itemSource = UIImageActivityItemSource()
itemSource.image = self
itemSource.title = title
itemSource.url = url
return itemSource
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