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Last active September 13, 2020 14:22
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CVE-2019-17501 - Centreon 19.04 Authenticated RCE
Centreon 19.04 allows attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands via the Command Line field
of main.php?p=60807&type=4 (aka the Configuration > Commands > Discovery screen).
[Additional Information]
Once one has logged into Centreon:
1. navigate to: Configuration > Commands > Discovery OR http://ip-address/centreon/main.php?p=60807&type=4
2. in the "Command Line" section put a command: e.g. "cat /etc/passwd" without quotes.
3. press the blue play icon under the "Command Line" section
4. a screen will appear and print the results of the given command in step 3
[Vulnerability Type]
Authentication Code Execution
[Vendor of Product]
[Affected Product Code Base]
IT & Network Monitoring - 19.04
[Attack Type]
[Impact Code execution]
[Identified by]
sinfulz & payl0ad
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