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Pythonista script to extract a phone number from copy pasted text, add it to your Contacts if it doesn't exist, then call it.
import re
import clipboard
import console
import webbrowser
import urllib
import contacts
import datetime
import dialogs
def extract_num(input):
match = re.findall("[0-9*]",input)
return ''.join(match)
# Fetch text from clipboard and extract what looks like a phone number
input = clipboard.get()
match ="[0-9\+\-\ ]{7,}",input)
output =
# Check if the number exists in the phonebook
people = contacts.get_all_people()
found = False
for p in people:
for n in
# Numbers can be stored strangely in contacts so just check the last 9 digits
num = extract_num(output)
cleannum = extract_num(n[1])
if (num[-9:] == cleannum[-9:]):
found = True
# Pop a form to add the contact if not found
if not found:
fields = [ {'type':'text','key':'first','value':'','title':'First Name'},{'type':'text','key':'last','value':'','title':'Last Name'},{'type':'text','key':'org','value':'','title':'Organisation'},{'type':'text','key':'num','value':output,'title':'Number'}, {'type':'text','key':'note','value':'Added by Make Call script on ','title':'Notes'} ]
fields = dialogs.form_dialog('Add a Contact', fields)
newContact = contacts.Person()
newContact.note = fields['note']
newContact.first_name = fields['first']
newContact.last_name = fields['last']
newContact.organization = fields['org'] = [(contacts.WORK,fields['num'])]
# Call the number'tel:'+urllib.quote(output))
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