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  1. What data does this bot store?
  • Guild name
  • Command
  • User arguments
  1. Why do we need the data, and why do we use this data?

    a) Guilds name i stored for check this is legit or just ghost server

    b) Command i stored for checking function, which they use and which they wouldn't use

    c) User args i stored for checking if gotta unhandled promise in my node, so i will fixed the restapi according error

  2. Other than Discord, do we share your data with any 3rd parties? No

  3. How can users get data removed, or how can users contact the bot owner? my bot restaring per day, so data above will lost automatic or u can contact me, Sin#2626 / / or just through blame command in my bot (it will be autosender mail, and trigger my mailbox)

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