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@sio sio/venv_temp.bat
Created Sep 19, 2017

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Set up temporary Python virtual environment on Windows
@echo off
REM This script sets up Python virtual environment in temporary directory
REM and runs a new cmd session within. When that cmd session ends, the script
REM deletes virtual environment.
REM Copyright 2017 Vitaly Potyarkin
REM Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
if [%1] == [] (
set NAME=temporary_venv
) else (
set NAME=%1
set PYTHON=python
echo Creating new virtual environment for Python in %VENV%
rmdir /s /q %VENV% 2>NUL
%PYTHON% -m venv %VENV% || echo -- venv failed && exit /b
call %VENV%\Scripts\activate.bat || echo -- activate failed && exit /b
python -m pip install --upgrade pip || echo -- upgrading pip failed && exit /b
echo Starting new shell session...
echo Virtual environment will be cleared upon exit
echo Deleting virtual environment...
call deactivate
rmdir /s /q %VENV%
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