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Committing multiple files with github-api (PR #361 -
import org.kohsuke.github.*;
public class MultiCommit {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
String userId = "your-user-id";
String password = "your-password";
String repoName = "your-repo-name";
GitHub gitHub = GitHub.connectUsingPassword(userId, password);
GHRepository repo = gitHub.getRepository(repoName);
// get the reference to the master branch
GHRef masterRef = repo.getRef("heads/master");
// get the SHA of the latest commit on the master branch
String masterTreeSha = repo
.getTreeRecursive("master", 1)
// get an image as byte[]
byte[] avatarContent = IOUtils.toByteArray(
new URL("").openStream());
// create a blob containing the image and get its SHA
String avatarSha = new GHBlobBuilder(repo)
// create a tree with four entries (three text files and the previously created blob) and get its SHA
String treeSha = new GHTreeBuilder(repo)
.textEntry("README", "This is public domain software.", false)
.textEntry("doc/userGuide.txt", "Press F1 for help.", false)
.textEntry("bin/", "#/bin/sh\necho 'Hello!'", true) // executable
.shaEntry("avatar.png", avatarSha, false)
// create a commit for the new tree and get its SHA
String commitSha = new GHCommitBuilder(repo)
.message("add some important files")
// Update the master reference to refer to the new commit
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