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A simple wrapper around socat to use as a git proxy command
# Use socat to proxy git through an HTTP CONNECT firewall.
# Useful if you are trying to clone git:// from inside a company.
# Requires that the proxy allows CONNECT to port 9418.
# Save this file as gitproxy somewhere in your path (e.g., ~/bin) and then run
# chmod +x gitproxy
# git config --global core.gitproxy gitproxy
# More details at
# Configuration. Common proxy ports are 3128, 8123, 8000.
exec socat STDIO PROXY:$_proxy:$1:$2,proxyport=$_proxyport

Hi, how can I set authentication information in that case?


I found that there is a parameter for authentication:

You can try:

exec socat STDIO PROXY:$_proxy:$1:$2,proxyport=$_proxyport,proxyauth=_user:_passwd

SydOps commented Nov 4, 2015

where do I save the file gitproxy-socat ?

Found the answser:

boly38 commented Dec 22, 2015

another simple workaround (src) :

git config --global url. git://
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