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Created July 26, 2017 07:28
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Convert static site to markdown/hugo
import os
import re
import sys
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import html2text
def generate_frontmatter(title, date):
return """---
title: %s
date: %s
draft: false
""" % (title, date)
def convert(item, destination):
if item.endswith(".html"):
content = ""
with open(item , mode='r') as content_file:
content =
soup = BeautifulSoup(content, "html.parser")
article = soup.find('div', attrs={'class':"article"})
title = ""
if article.h2:
title = article.h2.extract().string
date_elem = soup.find('abbr', attrs={'class':'published'})
date = ""
if date_elem:
date = date_elem['title']
soup.find('div', attrs={'class':'byline'}).extract()
markdown = html2text.html2text(article.prettify())
output_yearmonth = re.match(r".*/(\d+/\d+)$", os.path.dirname(item))
output_directory = output_yearmonth and destination + "/" + output_yearmonth.groups(1)[0] or destination
if not os.path.exists(output_directory):
output_file = output_directory + '/' + os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(item))[0] + ".md"
with open(output_file, mode='w') as output_file:
output_file.write(generate_frontmatter(title, date))
def convert_directory(root, directory, destination):
for path in os.walk(root+directory):
for item in path[2]:
convert(path[0]+'/'+item, destination)
def process():
source = "../../"
destination = "../content/post"
roots = os.listdir(source)
for dirname in roots:
if re.match(r"\d+", dirname) is not None and os.path.isdir(source + dirname):
convert_directory(source, dirname, destination)
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
filename = sys.argv[1]
destination = sys.argv[2]
print "Converting %s to %s" % (filename, destination)
convert(filename, destination)
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