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Created Oct 12, 2011
What would you like to do?
Because I got tired of answering these same things 100's of times.
1) Where can I find the latest beta?
They are always in the OP. They are also in my signature, and the root of the FTP.
2) Where is the root of the FTP you ask?
Good question! It’s in the OP as well.
3) How do I install this? / I'm having problems installing
Reboot into recovery
Install zip from SDcard
Choose zip from SDcard
Navigate to the zip you downloaded.
4)What is Leakage (LL,ML,HL) and what one should i use?
Easy explanation: start with HL. If it allows you to OC how much you want,
stay there. If not, move down until you get what you want.
For people who want more: Well, we made different leakages because koflem couldn’t OC, and he felt left out,
so he started compiling on his own, which gave Tk-Glitch the idea to make three different versions.
They have to do with the differences in different phones. Take for example different phones run better
with different OC/UV. The leakages are the same way. They adjust the int voltages, which is something
not configureable (yet) in userspace, so we have to configure them that way when we build. That way both
the voltages that you are used to (the ones controllable via voltage control) are tailored to your device,
as is the int voltages (the ones only we can do). Most people have no idea, but there are dozens of
variables that we play with to make so that all of you can OC and UV as much as possible with as much
stability as possible. Some aren't device specific, some are. We are trying to make the best experience
possible for a wide range in chip quality, therefore we make different leakages, as well as making the kernel
configurable via voltage control. From a stability/performance standpoint, and by extension standpoint,
there is only one leakage right for your device. Different leakages aren't better in some ways for you
and worse in others, there is only one good one for your device. Sorry if that didn't make sense, I tried
to make it as informative as possible without it being overwhelming.
5) Does this work with Gingerbread bootloaders?
6) What ROM does this kernel work on?
For sure: CM7. Other CM7 based ROM’s may work, but I can’t offer you much support. If it works on CM7,
that’s my goal. This WILL NOT work on Samsung based ROM’s, and I won’t port it. If you still don’t know
what ROM this will work on, then you should read a lot more.
7) How do I enable BLN?
Download either BLN here:
Or Blinky here:
8) How do I overclock?
Xan’s Voltage Control App here: .
If you break something while Overclocking, I won’t provide much support. Overclocking is awesome, but very
variable across devices. We try and make a stable experience for everyone, but it is not guaranteed. If
it breaks, I didn’t do it. If it makes your phone fly, I did it.
9) Can I be a beta tester?
Probably not. Unless you do something to make me like you a lot (cough strictlyrude27 cough), then you can’t
have betas. The reason being they are unstable usually, and I already have a big enough team that I can get
the information I need.
10) Why does my screen look ugly? / How do I change the screen color?
Go grab voodoo control from the market here: ,
then play with the sliders until you like what you
see. If you get really stumped, here are some values that people tend to like. They are from
Screen RGB multipliers:
- Red: 321*
- Green: 321*
- Blue: 429*
Screen v1 gamma hack:
- use Alt. settings
- or if you prefer others - use: "Reset to 2.3.3 defaults", "Punchy settings" (punchy could lead to a great
screen while locking the screen and having "screen off" animation disabled)
1)Color Profiles: Voodoo Profile V1
2) Screen v1 gamma hack :
- 50 red
- 53 green
- 44 blue
3) RGB multipliers:
Red ="2300875360"
Green ="2300875360"
Blue ="2709919680"
11) The backlights on my soft keys stay on all the time. Why is that?
Honestly, because I haven’t spent the time to “fix” it. They aren’t that bright, so people can stand it for
a little while. I didn’t intentionally make it that way, it happened when we switched back to BLN instead of
LED notifications. We made that switch because I like Blinky, and I get to pick until Tk-Glitch is back, or I
am convinced otherwise.
12) I’m getting bootloops, why?
Well, the most common issue is that you have mismatched ROM’s and kernel’s. You need the latest ROM for your
device, and the V12B3 kernel for your device. For where to find that, see above. The next is various scripts
and “fixes” that you flash after/before the kernel. Reflash the nightly for your ROM, then the kernel. Let it
boot. If it works and didn’t with the various other zips you may use, then don’t use those zips.
First Rule of Cyanogenmod... I'm allergic to ETAs so I try to stay away from them if at all possible.
Causes all kinds of nasty problems they do....
14) How do I use the 90_callvolume script?
neh4pres wrote these instructions, if clarification is needed just ask.
There are many ways to apply this patch. But for these instructions i will be using root explorer because it
has all the utilities needed.
After downloading, use root explorer to extract 90call_vol from the .zip. this will place 90call_vol in the
extracted folder of your sd card. Long press and copy that file and paste it in the /etc/init.d folder. Once
it pastes long press the file and open with text editor.
In call boost.. only change the final number in the line you want to adjust and keep that number between 0 and 3
Mic gain only change the final number in the line you want to adjust and keep that number between 0-31
Save changes when exiting and the editor will append the original file with a .BAK .
You can use 90call_vol.bak to revert back one save. If you change multiple times and want to go to stock you
can use the 90call_vol in /sdcard/extracted.
15) Is the GPU overclocked?
Yes. Can you control it? No. That code hasn't ever worked, and we don't really expect it to. The GPU is
so overclocked at 1.5 Ghz that if it went any higher the memory would get corrupted and really bad
things happen.
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