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@sj26 sj26/assets.rake

Last active Dec 12, 2015
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Don't discard cache during asset precompile. Full explanation and caveats:
# Stick this in lib/tasks/assets.rake or similar
# A bug was introduced in rails in 7f1a666d causing the whole application cache
# to be cleared everytime a precompile is run, but it is not neccesary and just
# slows down precompiling.
# Secondary consequences are the clearing of the whole cache, which if using
# the default file cache could cause an application level performance hit.
# This is already fixed in sprockets-rails for rails 4, but we patch here for
# interim gains.
# If you're using rails pre-3.2 change "primary" to "digest" below.
Rake::Task["assets:precompile:primary"].prerequisites.delete "tmp:cache:clear"
Rake::Task["assets:precompile:nondigest"].prerequisites.delete "tmp:cache:clear"

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raskhadafi commented Feb 12, 2013

Thanks for sharing!

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