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set people2Send to {} -- start off with an empty list
--set the path to your plain text file with addresses, and name, tab delimited
--change the username
set everybody to read file ("Macintosh HD:Users:sjardim:people_to_send.txt")
--set the path to the pdf files. The TXT file MUST be saved in Mac OS Roman encoding
set rootPath to "/Users/sjardim/pdf/"
set pcount to count paragraphs in everybody
repeat with i from 1 to number of paragraphs in everybody
set this_item to paragraph i of everybody
set thisName to "" -- set to blank
-- using try so if there is a an error, in this case it will be when the is no name, the script will carry on
-- instead of stopping. The Name_text will reamin as "" if it does
--use delimiters (tab) in this case to split the result of this_item and try to set Name_text to the name
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to tab
set para_text to text of this_item
--get the second half of paragraph
set thisName to text item 1 of para_text
end try
--get the first half of paragraph
set emailAddress to text item 2 of para_text
set thisFile to rootPath & text item 3 of para_text & ".pdf"
log thisFile
set emailCcAddress to text item 4 of para_text
set emailCcAddress2 to text item 5 of para_text
log thisFile
set ccAddressesList to {} -- new list to contain multiple cc address
copy emailCcAddress to the end of the ccAddressesList
copy emailCcAddress2 to the end of the ccAddressesList
-- return ccAddressesList -- return in the console
-- Check if there is at least one CC adress
if emailCcAddress as string is not equal to "" then
copy {_name:thisName, _address:emailAddress, _Ccaddress:emailCcAddress, _file:thisFile} to end of people2Send
copy {_name:thisName, _address:emailAddress, _Ccaddress:"", _file:thisFile} to end of people2Send
end if
--reset the delimiters
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
end repeat
tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
repeat with eachPerson in people2Send -- now loop through the names/addresses from above
set theAccount to (second exchange account)
set msgSubject to "Your Workshop Certificate"
set fromPerson to "<strong>John Smith</strong>"
set msgBody to "Dear " & (_name of eachPerson) & "," & "<br>" & "Thank you for attending our workshop. Please find enclosed your certificate of attendance as a PDF attachment." & "<br>" & "We thank you for taking part in this training initiative." & "<br><br>" & "Best regards," & "<br>" & fromPerson -- here's where you craft the message text
set newMsg to (make new outgoing message with properties {account:theAccount, subject:msgSubject, content:msgBody}) -- create the message
tell newMsg
make new recipient at end of to recipients with properties {email address:{name:eachPerson's _name, address:eachPerson's _address}} -- add the recipient
repeat with address in ccAddressesList
if eachPerson's _Ccaddress as string is not equal to "" then
make new recipient at end of cc recipients with properties {email address:{address:address}} -- add the recipient
end if
end repeat
make new attachment with properties {file:eachPerson's _file} -- add an attachment
end tell
open newMsg -- and just open it
-- send newMsg -- and send it on its way
end repeat
end tell
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