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Working from home

Sérgio Jardim sjardim

Working from home
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pxlrbt / PageTemplates_Faq.php
Last active April 3, 2023 21:10
Filament Template
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namespace App\Filament\PageTemplates;
use Filament\Forms\Components\Repeater;
use Filament\Forms\Components\RichEditor;
use Filament\Forms\Components\TextInput;
final class Faq
ryangjchandler /
Last active November 4, 2022 16:32
Raycast - Laravel Documentation

Raycast - Laravel Documentation

This script command provides a quick way of searching the Laravel documentation.

It accepts a query and will open the first result in your default browser.


  1. Begin by creating a ~/.config/raycast/scripts folder if you don't already have one.
chrispymm /
Created June 10, 2020 07:26
[Support nested urls for nested modules] #twill

By default Twill will disply the url of a module item to be {siteurl}/{module}/{slug} e.g. With the 'about' section being the editable slug. This is understandable as Twill knows nothing of your frontend routing. However it is likely confusing for editors, as that url presented will not be the final url of the content.

Remove module name form url

This will give us more correct urls e.g.

// app/Http/Controllers/Admin/PageController

	protected $permalinkBase = '';
├── layouts
│   └── default.html
├── pages
│   └── index.html
├── data
│   └── i18n
│       ├── cn.json
│ └── template.html
mbejda / Industries.csv
Last active May 7, 2023 18:09
Compiled list of industries.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Medicine
mfurlend / composer.json
Last active May 22, 2023 11:55
composer require git repository
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"name": "my_vendor_name/my_package",
"description": "My Package Description",
"license": "GPL-3.0",
"autoload": {
"classmap": [ // search these directories for classes
"repositories": {
View gulp-sitemap-generator.php
* Plugin Name: Gulp Sitemap Generator
* Plugin URI:
* Description: Generate a JSON list of every page on a site so it can be used with Gulp and uncss.
* Author: Liam Gladdy
* Author URI:
* Version: 1.0
natelandau / .bash_profile
Last active May 1, 2023 02:28
Mac OSX Bash Profile
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# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Description: This file holds all my BASH configurations and aliases
# Sections:
# 1. Environment Configuration
# 2. Make Terminal Better (remapping defaults and adding functionality)
# 3. File and Folder Management
# 4. Searching
# 5. Process Management
NickBarreto / iBooks popups which degrade nicely in other devices
Last active February 2, 2019 16:33
How to create popup footnotes in iBooks which degrade well for other EPUB3 readers
View iBooks popups which degrade nicely in other devices
The only requirements for popup footnotes in iBooks are:
* Ebook has to be an EPUB3
* epub:type "noteref" and "footnote"
So you can link to a totally separate document, as you normally would for endnotes,
but include the attributes so the <a> link behaves differently in iBooks, instead triggering the popup.
Original reference link would look something like this (in a file called ch001.html):
<a epub:type="noteref" href="footnote.html#note1">1</a></div>