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#Load two libraries
#Paste the digit 1 thru 12 into the base URL to create 12 separate URLs, one each for a batch
urls<-lapply(seq(1,12, 1), function(x) paste('',x,'/index-eng.php', sep=''))
#read the html code from each batch home page
batches<-lapply(urls, function(x) read_html(x))
#Get each table that contains the phrase 'that meet'. This is because the tables containing the substances that are declared toxic are all headed with the phrase "Substances that meet one or more criteria in section 64 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999"
#Store these in the list toxics
toxics<-lapply(batches, function(x) html_nodes(x, xpath=".//table/caption[contains(., 'that meet')]/.."))
#Replicate this command with the phrase 'that do not meet' because tables that list the non-toxic substances contain the phrase
#Substances that do not meet any of the criteria in section 64 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
#Store these
nontoxics<-lapply(batches, function(x) html_nodes(x, xpath=".//table/caption[contains(., 'that do not meet')]/.."))
#get rows of tables
#This returns all rows in each table.
number_toxics<-lapply(toxics, function(x) xml_find_all(x, './/tr'))
#count rows
#This counts the number of rows
number_toxics<-lapply(number_toxics, function(x) length(x))
#subract 1 to account for the header in each table
#This subtracts one from each number of rows
#Correct last value
#There were no substances found toxic in the final batch so this should be set to zero
#sum and store
#The following steps replicate the preceeding for the tables of the non_toxic substances
number_non_toxics<-lapply(nontoxics, function(x) xml_find_all(x, './/tr'))
#count rows
number_non_toxics<-lapply(number_non_toxics, function(x) length(x))
#take the number of toxic substances as a proportion of all the toxic substances and the non-toxic substances.
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