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New Microsoft Azure reference architectures and implementation guidance are now generally available for customers to confidently design and deploy intelligent apps. Customers can easily leverage patterns and practices to create private chatbots that are reliable, cost-efficient and compliant — adhering to both the functional and nonfunctional requirements of an organization.
The new guidance helps customers adopt well-architected best practices and includes:
A reference architecture and reference implementation for Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service based on Azure landing zones, which helps jumpstart and scale app deployment.
Service guides for machine learning that gives precise configuration instructions for Azure services used to deliver intelligent apps.
Patterns for designing and developing a RAG solution: While the architecture is straightforward, designing, experimenting with, and evaluating RAG solutions that fit into this architecture involves many complex considerations that benefit from a rigorous, s
<!DOCTYPE html>
<canvas id="mandelbrotCanvas" width="800" height="800"></canvas>
const canvas = document.getElementById('mandelbrotCanvas');
const ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
const imgData = ctx.createImageData(canvas.width, canvas.height);
const MAX_ITERATION = 1000;
sjkp / both.json
Created October 17, 2022 20:57 — forked from torumakabe/both.json
Sample ARM template for Azure Container Apps (Cron with Dapr & KEDA)
"$schema": "",
"contentVersion": "",
"parameters": {
"location": {
"defaultValue": "canadacentral",
"type": "String"
"environment_name": {
"defaultValue": "containerapps-env",
sjkp /
Created March 6, 2022 16:31 — forked from tiantuxu/
Common ffmpeg Command Lines (with NVIDIA GPU Support)
# Decode a video to yuv420 raw format
ffmpeg -vsync 0 -c:v h264_cuvid -i input.mp4 -c:v rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p -f null /dev/null
ffmpeg -vsync 0 -c:v h264_cuvid -i input.mp4 -c:v rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p output.yuv
# Resize videos to 640x480
ffmpeg -c:v h264_cuvid -i input.mp4 -vf scale=640:480 -c:v h264_nvenc output.mp4
# Downsampling frame rate to 30fps
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -r 30 -c:v h264_nvenc output.mp4
sjkp / LuceneNetExample.cs
Created November 8, 2021 22:12 — forked from mtmk/LuceneNetExample.cs
Quick and complete Lucene.Net example
using System;
using System.Globalization;
using Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard;
using Lucene.Net.Documents;
using Lucene.Net.Index;
using Lucene.Net.QueryParsers;
using Lucene.Net.Search;
using Lucene.Net.Store;
using Version = Lucene.Net.Util.Version;
sjkp / openapi-spec
Created March 21, 2021 14:37
Generate openapi from Logic Apps
"swagger": "2.0",
"info": {
"version": "",
"title": "REMOVED",
"description": "Azure Logic App."
"host": "",
"basePath": "/workflows/931ae63fd6b6459e88c2cf43ed366b20/triggers",
"schemes": [
sjkp / certificate.bicep
Last active March 21, 2021 15:01
Bicep template for requesting app service certificates
param domainNames array
param appServicePlanName string
param location string = resourceGroup().location
resource certificates 'Microsoft.Web/certificates@2020-06-01' = [for domainName in domainNames: {
name: domainName
location: location
properties: {
canonicalName: domainName
sjkp / continents.geojson
Last active June 14, 2019 18:49
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sjkp / proxies.json
Created March 26, 2017 20:22
Azure Function proxy support
"proxies": {
"ListAll": {
"desc": [
"This is the index of examples."
"matchCondition": {
"methods": [
sjkp / Get-FileEncoding
Created April 4, 2016 19:33
function Get-FileEncoding
[CmdletBinding()] Param (
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $True)] [string]$Path
[byte[]]$byte = get-content -Encoding byte -ReadCount 4 -TotalCount 4 -Path $Path