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Created Oct 19, 2015

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Kubernetes and Google Container Engine cheatsheet

Setting project:

gcloud config set project tidy-bindery-110323

Creating a cluster:

gcloud container clusters create web --num-nodes=1 --machine-type=g1-small --zone=us-east1-b

Running a service:

kubectl run web --port=8080

To expose the service through a load balancer:

kubectl expose rc web --create-external-load-balancer=true --port=80 --target-port=8080

Get IPs

kubectl get services web

To delete the load balancer:

kubectl delete services -l run=web

Updating a replication controller:

kubectl rolling-update web --image=web:6f7b0aff285f792f4757d703b54ddf34f4bede87
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