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Last minute update: We are organizing a hackday! Add your name to the list if you'd like to join us:

Description and schedule for the master's seminar "Current trends in web-standards based UI-design" at HTW Berlin

Recent years have seen significant change in the way users engage with the web. With the rapid progress of web standards and browser technology, it has evolved from a platform for hypertext content to an universal runtime environment for applications. Also, the context in which people use the web has changed. The near-ubiquitous availability of internet access has moved the web from the desk to our pockets — to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Goals and Objectives

The developments described above also have had a strong impact on the way web developers and interface designers work. New tools, techniques, and best practices are continually emerging from an open community of practitioners.

This seminar gives an overview of current trends and best practices in frontend development and interface design on the web. Its goal is to empower students to actively contribute to the developer community by presenting and publishing the results of their work.


Participants work on individual assignments that they then present to the whole group in a short talk. Participants also write short reports on their findings, which will be published on the web.


This is a draft. Dates and topics are TBC.


2013-04-16 — Planning and kicking off the seminar

  • Introduction
  • Assigning topics to students

Talks from external speakers

2013-04-30 – Guest speakers:

  • Tiffany Conroy is an interaction designer and frontend developer at SoundCloud. She will present on The Limits of Context: When to use Ajax and when to reload.
  • Jan Lehnardt is a software developer with nearly fifteen years of experience with open source communities. He shares what he learned over the years and tells you what it is like to be a professional open source developer.

Redesign! – modern web design best practices

2013-05-14 — topics:

  • Web typography best practices (Maria Goltsova) – Slides
  • Skeuomorphism vs. "flat design" (Maksim Bock) – Slides | Handout

Later that night: Field trip to up.front, Berlin's monthly meetup for web designers & frontend developers 

No more WYSIWYG – a web designer's toolset

2013-05-28 — topics:

  • Understanding CSS(3) layout (Christine Wiederer)
  • Responsive Design: An introduction to designing web apps the mobile first way (Tommy Krüger) – Slides
  • UI libraries: Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation (Jacopo Ghisolfi) – Bootstrap example | Foundation example
  • Web Accessibility (Richard Johannes)

Making things move – dynamic 2d and 3d graphics on the web

2013-06-11 — topics:

  • An introduction to SVG (Markus Bausdorf) – Slides
  • Game development with JavaScript (Tobias Wehrum)

Later that night: Field trip to up.front, Berlin's monthly meetup for web designers & frontend developers 

Power to the frontend – building complex clientside web applications

2013-06-25 — topics:

  • MV* Frameworks for JavaScript (Vicky Mertin)
  • PhoneGap (Florian Wokurka)
  • Meteor.js (Bastien Grasnick) – Slides

Beyond IDEs – a web developer's toolset

2013-07-09 – topics:

  • WebRTC (Markus Konrad)
  • An Introduction to TDD with Mocha.js (Stefan Dühring)
  • JavaScript performance optimization (Andy Lindemann) – Slides
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