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Recovering sharing in a GADT
{-# LANGUAGE GADTs, TypeFamilies, FlexibleInstances, RankNTypes, StandaloneDeriving, DeriveDataTypeable #-}
import Data.Reify
import Control.Applicative
import Data.Map
import Data.Typeable
data Ast e where
IntLit :: Int -> Ast Int
Add :: Ast Int -> Ast Int -> Ast Int
BoolLit :: Bool -> Ast Bool
IfThenElse :: Typeable e => Ast Bool -> Ast e -> Ast e -> Ast e
type Name = Unique
data Ast2 e s where
IntLit2 :: Int -> Ast2 Int s
Add2 :: Ast2 Int s -> Ast2 Int s -> Ast2 Int s
BoolLit2 :: Bool -> Ast2 Bool s
IfThenElse2 :: Typeable e => Ast2 Bool s -> Ast2 e s -> Ast2 e s -> Ast2 e s
Var :: Typeable e => s -> Ast2 e s
deriving instance Show s => Show (Ast2 e s)
deriving instance Typeable2 Ast2
data WrappedAst s where
Wrap :: Typeable e => Ast2 e s -> WrappedAst s
deriving instance Show (WrappedAst Unique)
instance Typeable e => MuRef (Ast e) where
type DeRef (Ast e) = WrappedAst
mapDeRef f e = Wrap <$> mapDeRef' f e
mapDeRef' :: Applicative f => (forall b. (MuRef b, WrappedAst ~ DeRef b) => b -> f u) -> Ast e -> f (Ast2 e u)
mapDeRef' f (IntLit i) = pure $ IntLit2 i
mapDeRef' f (Add a b) = Add2 <$> (Var <$> f a) <*> (Var <$> f b)
mapDeRef' f (BoolLit b) = pure $ BoolLit2 b
mapDeRef' f (IfThenElse b t e) = IfThenElse2 <$> (Var <$> f b) <*> (Var <$> f t) <*> (Var <$> f e)
getVar :: Typeable e => Map Name (WrappedAst Name) -> Name -> Maybe (Ast2 e Name)
getVar m n = case m ! n of Wrap e -> cast e
conv :: Typeable e => Ast e -> IO (Map Name (WrappedAst Name), Maybe (Ast2 e Name))
conv e = do
Graph l n <- reifyGraph e
let m = fromList l
return (m, getVar m n)
test = IfThenElse (IfThenElse true true true) (Add one one) one
one = IntLit 1
true = BoolLit True
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