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Created November 2, 2014 13:41
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How we can deploy a rebuilt Azure Package to two separate Cloud Services in different Regions.
# You can download this file as part of this repository:
Function New-AzureCloudServiceDeployment
if (((Test-Path $DeploymentPathPackage) -eq $False) -or ((Test-Path $DeploymentPathConfig) -eq $False))
Write-Host "Deployment package and / or config do not exist at the supplied locations."
Exit 1
$affinityGroupName = "MsW{0}" -f $RegionName.Replace(" ", "")
$cloudServiceName = "dm{0}"-f $affinityGroupName
# Build package blob storage filename
$dateStamp = Get-Date -Format s
$packageFile = Split-Path $DeploymentPathPackage -Leaf -Resolve
$packageBlobFile = "{0}-{1}" -f $dateStamp, $packageFile
$configFile = Split-Path $DeploymentPathConfig -Leaf -Resolve
$storageAccountName = "md{0}" -f $affinityGroupName.ToLower()
$accountContainer = "deployments"
$storageKey = Get-AzureStorageKey -StorageAccountName $storageAccountName
$storageContext = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountName $storageAccountName -StorageAccountKey $storageKey.Primary
$containerState = Get-AzureStorageContainer -Context $storageContext -Name "deployments" -ea 0
# Upload deployment package - this step may take some time depending on latency to Azure Blob Storage.
$deployPackage = Set-AzureStorageBlobContent -File $DeploymentPathPackage -CloudBlobContainer $containerState.CloudBlobContainer -Context $storageContext -Blob $packageBlobFile -Force
# Get Blob details so we can extract the URI for the deployment.
$deployBlob = Get-AzureStorageBlob -blob $packageFile -Container $containerState.CloudBlobContainer.Name -Context $storageContext
# deployment to an empty slot only – use Set-AzureDeployment instead to upgrade a slot
New-AzureDeployment -Slot "Production" -Package $deployBlob.ICloudBlob.Uri.AbsoluteUri –Configuration $DeploymentPathConfig -ServiceName $cloudServiceName
$rootPath = "C:\Work\uha-azure-sample\web-app-tier"
If($rootPath -eq "C:\Work\uha-azure-sample\web-app-tier")
Write-Host "ERROR: you must set your root project path."
Exit 1
$eastProjectName = "MvcMusicStoreAUEast"
$southEastProjectName = "MvcMusicStoreAUSoutheast"
$fullDeploymentPathEast = "{0}\MvcMusicStore.Azure\bin\{1}\app.publish\MvcMusicStore.Azure.cspkg" -f $rootPath, $eastProjectName
$fullConfigPathEast = "{0}\MvcMusicStore.Azure\bin\{1}\app.publish\ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg" -f $rootPath, $eastProjectName
$fullDeploymentPathSouthEast = "{0}\MvcMusicStore.Azure\bin\{1}\app.publish\MvcMusicStore.Azure.cspkg" -f $rootPath, $southEastProjectName
$fullConfigPathSouthEast = "{0}\MvcMusicStore.Azure\bin\{1}\app.publish\ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg" -f $rootPath, $southEastProjectName
New-AzureCloudServiceDeployment -RegionName "Australia East" -DeploymentPathPackage $fullDeploymentPathEast -DeploymentPathConfig $fullConfigPathEast
New-AzureCloudServiceDeployment -RegionName "Australia Southeast" -DeploymentPathPackage $fullDeploymentPathSouthEast -DeploymentPathConfig $fullConfigPathSouthEast
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