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Bicep file snippet showing how to define the MSI to use when connecting to a key vault.
resource connections_keyvault_resource 'Microsoft.Web/connections@2016-06-01' = {
name: connections_keyvault_name
location: resource_group_location
properties: {
displayName: 'KeyVaultMIAccess'
parameterValueType: 'Alternative'
alternativeParameterValues: {
vaultName: key_vault_name
customParameterValues: {}
api: {
name: 'keyvault'
displayName: 'Azure Key Vault'
description: 'Azure Key Vault is a service to securely store and access secrets.'
iconUri: ''
brandColor: '#0079d6'
id: subscriptionResourceId('Microsoft.Web/locations/managedApis', resource_group_location, 'keyvault')
type: 'Microsoft.Web/locations/managedApis'
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