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# First type this into your terminal. *You must already have homebrew installed
brew install ruby
# After installing ruby, we need to edit the path on your computer so it uses
# the new installation of ruby and not the one packaged with your computer.
# Type the following into your terminal to edit the paths with VIM
sudo vi /etc/paths
# It will ask for your password (the one you used to login / install programs)
# Just type it in and press enter *You will not see anything but you are entering something I promise.
# This is what you will probably see
# We need to edit the paths to look like this:
/usr/local/bin # This is where your brew installed programs are
/usr/bin # This is where the system version of Ruby is
# Once you have made these changes, you need to hit ESC, then :w (write) to save the file
# Once saved, you can type :q (quit) to exit the text editor
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