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xcrun PackageApplication
/usr/bin/xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v "${RELEASE_BUILDDIR}/${APPLICATION_NAME}.app" -o "${BUILD_HISTORY_DIR}/${APPLICATION_NAME}.ipa" --sign "${DEVELOPER_NAME}" --embed "${PROVISONING_PROFILE}
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nicwise commented Feb 12, 2015

@alexlee002 same issue here. I'm trying to use codesign to do it:

cp "${PROVISIONING_PROFILE_PLUGIN}" "${APP}/PlugIns/todayWidget.appex/embedded.mobileprovision"
codesign -v -f -s "${SIGNING_IDENTITY}" "${APP}/PlugIns/todayWidget.appex"

But so far, no luck (it'll sign, but it resulting app doesn't work)

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dovd commented May 15, 2015

Embed the provisioning profiles before signing
Sign the extension first, then sign the app with the extension in it's PlugIns folder. Afterwards, PackageApplication without signing.

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