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A Python script to graph all your production app crashes in Status Board
#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests
import json
import StringIO
import datetime
hockeyToken = 'getyourowndamnkey'
appsEndpoint = ''
crashesEndpoint = ''
r = requests.get('%s?api_token=%s' % (appsEndpoint, hockeyToken))
responseJSON = r.json()
prodApps = []
devApps = []
for app in responseJSON['apps']:
if app['release_type'] == 1:
allCrashes = {}
for app in prodApps:
appID = app['public_identifier']
endDate =
startDate = endDate - datetime.timedelta(30)
crashesURL = crashesEndpoint % (appID, hockeyToken, startDate.isoformat(), endDate.isoformat())
print('Requesting crashes for %s') % app['title']
r = requests.get(crashesURL)
crashesJSON = json.loads(r.text)
for item in crashesJSON['histogram']:
crashDate = item[0]
crashValue = item[1]
if allCrashes.has_key(crashDate):
currentValue = int(allCrashes[crashDate])
newValue = currentValue + crashValue
allCrashes[crashDate] = newValue
allCrashes[crashDate] = crashValue
graph = {"graph": {"title": "Production Crashes", "total": True, "type": "bar", "datasequences": [{"title": "Crashes", "color": "aqua", "datapoints": []}]}}
for key in sorted(allCrashes.iterkeys()):
crashDate = datetime.datetime.strptime(key, '%Y-%m-%d').strftime('%m/%d')
graph['graph']['datasequences'][0]['datapoints'].append({"title": crashDate, "value": allCrashes[key]})
jsonFile = open('crashes.json', 'w')
jsonFile.write(json.dumps(graph, sort_keys=True, indent=4))
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