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Change hostname of debian based system without a reboot.
# Change the hostname without reboot
# Applies only to debian based OS
# Understand common practises in setting hostnames in /etc/hosts
# in a typical production setting.
die () {
echo >&2 "$@"
exit 1
[ "$#" -eq 1 ] || die "new hostname is required"
# Help text
if [ "$1" == '-h' ]; then
echo "Usage: `basename $0` [newhostname]
Change hostname without a reboot"
exit 0
# Yes/no, yes/no, yes/no.. :)
read -p "Change Hostname from '${OLD_HOSTNAME}' to '${NEW_HOSTNAME}'
ARE YOU SURE? [y/N] " -n 2 -r
if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[yY]$ ]]
# change runtime hostname
hostname $1
cp /etc/hostname /etc/hostname.bak
echo $NEW_HOSTNAME > /etc/hostname
# change hostname in host table. Looks like a Debian thing.
cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak
sed -i "/127\.0\.1\.1/ s/${OLD_HOSTNAME}/${NEW_HOSTNAME}/" /etc/hosts
echo \
"Hostname changed to '${NEW_HOSTNAME}'
If the hostname is present in the bash prompt.
Log out and log back in"
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