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Installation instructions for Java 8 SDK, IntelliJ, and Intellij Scala Plugin
  • Install Java 1.8 JDK:

  • Install Intellij

    • Download and install the Community edition (Mac or Windows or Linux):
    • Choose your platform, OS X, Windows, or Linux
    • Click the Download button under the Community edition
    • After the download completes, run the executable and accept the defaults
  • Installing the Intellij Scala Plugin

    • After installation completes, run Intellij.
    • IntelliJ will start up with a dialog with options such as “Create New Project”, “Import Project”, etc.
    • At the bottom right, there is a Configure drop-down: Click the Configure drop-down and select Plugins
    • Click the “Install JetBrains plugin…” button at the bottom left
    • In the search field at the top, type “Scala"
    • The Scala 3.0.1 (or newer) plugin should appear, with details in the right pane
    • Click the green Install button
    • This will download and automatically install the Scala plugin
    • After that completes, click Close
    • Intellij will ask if you want to restart it to activate plugin changes - click “Restart"
  • Creating a Scala project

    • After it restarts, click “Create New Project” - Scala should show up as an option on the left-hand side.
    • Click Scala
    • Create a sample project called “ScalaSample"
    • Click “Create” next to Scala SDK and then click "Download"
    • This will download the latest Scala (2.11.8) and SBT (0.13.8) - note this may take some time
    • After it completes, make sure “scala-sdk-2.11.8” shows up in the Scala SDK drop down
    • For Project SDK, you need to choose the location where the Java 1.8 SDK was installed
      • On the Mac, by default this will be /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_77.jdk/Contents/Home
    • Then click “Finish"

You have successfully installed Java, Intellij, and Scala within the IDE

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