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Forked from sortofsleepy/ycbcr-to-rgb.metal
Created June 5, 2018 06:36
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fragment float4 capturedImageFragmentShader(ImageColorInOut in [[stage_in]],
texture2d<float, access::sample> capturedImageTextureY [[ texture(kTextureIndexY) ]],
texture2d<float, access::sample> capturedImageTextureCbCr [[ texture(kTextureIndexCbCr) ]]) {
constexpr sampler colorSampler(mip_filter::linear,
const float4x4 ycbcrToRGBTransform = float4x4(
float4(+1.0000f, +1.0000f, +1.0000f, +0.0000f),
float4(+0.0000f, -0.3441f, +1.7720f, +0.0000f),
float4(+1.4020f, -0.7141f, +0.0000f, +0.0000f),
float4(-0.7010f, +0.5291f, -0.8860f, +1.0000f)
// Sample Y and CbCr textures to get the YCbCr color at the given texture coordinate
float4 ycbcr = float4(capturedImageTextureY.sample(colorSampler, in.texCoord).r,
capturedImageTextureCbCr.sample(colorSampler, in.texCoord).rg, 1.0);
// Return converted RGB color
return ycbcrToRGBTransform * ycbcr;
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