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Last active May 24, 2023 09:18
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Enlarge the size of PNGs by repeatedly writing a string to metadata
import png from 'png-metadata';
import fs from 'fs';
const desiredSize = 24000;
const folder = './assets/';
const creatorString = 'Skeleton Crew';
const fillerString = ' ';
const bumpImageSize = async (file) => {
if (file.endsWith('.png')) {
const filePath = folder + file;
let fileSize = (await fs.promises.stat(filePath)).size;
if (fileSize <= desiredSize) {
console.log('bumping ' + filePath);
// load from file
let s = png.readFileSync(filePath);
// split
let list = png.splitChunk(s);
// append
let iend = list.pop(); // remove IEND
const creatorSize = getBytes(creatorString);
let creatorChunk = png.createChunk('aaAa', creatorString);
fileSize += creatorSize;
let fillingString = '';
while (fileSize + getBytes(fillingString) <= desiredSize) {
// const fillingSize = getBytes(fillingString);
fillingString += fillerString;
let fillingChunk = png.createChunk('aaAb', fillingString)
// join and save
let newpng = png.joinChunk(list);
fs.writeFileSync(filePath, newpng, 'binary');
function getBytes(string) {
return Buffer.byteLength(string, 'utf8')
fs.readdirSync(folder).forEach(file => bumpImageSize(file));
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First run:
npm i --global png-metadata
node png_increase.mjs
and there should be a directory in the same location as the script that contains all your images and metadata named assets

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