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Created August 14, 2022 14:09
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Create a named neuron

dfx --identity icdevmanager canister --network ic call rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai manage_neuron '( record { id = opt record { id = YOUFUNDEDNEURON: nat64}; command = opt variant { MakeProposal = record { url = ""; title="Proposal to Adopt KnownNeuron - YOUR NEURON"; summary = "This proposal seeks to have XXXXX added as a named Followee in the NNS dApp. "; action = opt variant {RegisterKnownNeuron = record {id = opt record { id = NAMEDNEURONID: nat64}; known_neuron_data = opt record {name = "NAME"; description = "YOUR DESCRIPTION "}}}}}})'

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