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Last active April 27, 2018 01:11
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RNDemo - Approov native module
package com.criticalblue.approov;
import ...
import com.criticalblue.attestationlibrary.ApproovAttestation;
import com.criticalblue.attestationlibrary.ApproovConfig;
import com.criticalblue.attestationlibrary.TokenInterface;
class ApproovModule extends ReactContextBaseJavaModule {
private static final String E_APPROOV_ERROR = "E_APPROOV_ERROR";
private Context context;
public ApproovModule(ReactApplicationContext reactContext) {
this.context = reactContext;
try {
ApproovConfig config = ApproovConfig.getDefaultConfig(reactContext);
} catch (IllegalArgumentException ex) {
} catch (MalformedURLException ex) {
public String getName() {
return "Approov";
public void fetchApproovToken(final String url, final Promise promise) {
ApproovAttestation.shared().fetchApproovToken(new TokenInterface() {
public void approovTokenFetchResult(ApproovResults results) {
if (results.getResult() == ApproovAttestation.AttestationResult.SUCCESS)
promise.reject(E_APPROOV_ERROR, "Failed to fetch Approov Token");
}, url);
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