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Forked from xdissent/middleware.rb
Created June 6, 2011 17:19
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delete vagrant vm's chef client and node from chef server on destroy
class OnDestroyMiddleware
def initialize(app, env)
@app = app
def call(env)
env["config"].vm.provisioners.each do |provisioner| "Attempting to remove client #{provisioner.config.node_name}"
`knife client show #{provisioner.config.node_name}`
if $?.to_i == 0 "Removing client #{provisioner.config.node_name}"
`knife client delete #{provisioner.config.node_name} -y`
end "Attempting to remove node #{provisioner.config.node_name}"
`knife node show #{provisioner.config.node_name}`
if $?.to_i == 0 "Removing node #{provisioner.config.node_name}"
`knife node delete #{provisioner.config.node_name} -y`
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Actually, Vagrant already provides a cleanup method in the provisioners base class that gets called on vm destroy. It just ins't filled in for most Provisioners. See for quick and dirty example

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patcon commented Dec 16, 2011

WHOA. world rocked. Had totally forgotten this once i actually started using the chef_client provisioner

thanks guys

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skippy commented Dec 16, 2011

@franklouwers; perfect! thanks

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c10l commented Dec 6, 2012

I adapted both cited works here and came to this:

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