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Forked from mbostock/.block
Created August 24, 2013 17:40
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Run like so:

node gist-clone-all.js username

You'll want to replace "username" with your own username.

This script clones using the push URL, so you should probably be the owner of the gists. You could also use this to clone someone else's gists, but in that case you may wish to edit the code to use gist_pull_url instead.

var fs = require("fs"),
https = require("https"),
exec = require("child_process").exec;
// TODO --pull or --push
var user = process.argv[2];
fetchAndClone(1, function callback(error, nextPage) {
if (error) return console.error(error);
if (nextPage > 0) fetchAndClone(nextPage, callback);
function fetchAndClone(page, callback) {
fetch(page, function(error, gists) {
if (error) return callback(error);
if (gists.length) ++page; else page = -1;
function cloneNext(gist) {
if (!gist) return callback(null, page);
if (directoryExists( return cloneNext(gists.pop());
console.log("cloning " +;
exec("git clone" + + ".git", function(error, stdout, stderr) {
if (error) return callback(error);
function fetch(page, callback) {
host: "",
path: "/users/" + encodeURIComponent(user) + "/gists?page=" + page,
headers: {"User-Agent": "node"}
}, function(response) {
var body = [];
.on("data", function(data) { body.push(data); })
.on("end", function() { callback(null, JSON.parse(body.join(""))); })
}).on("error", function(error) {
callback(error, null);
function directoryExists(path) {
try {
return fs.lstatSync(path).isDirectory();
} catch (ignored) {
return false;
for i in *; do
if [ -d $i ]; then
pushd $i
git commit -am '' --allow-empty-message && git push
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