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  • Have a smoke.
  • Outline - ref #1
  • Comb through given resources
  • Recompile "Outline"/Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Each contributor to prepare draft of his/her methods/knowhow/tips
  • Discuss, compare notes, go clubbing together afterwards.
  • ?
  • ...?



While Windows is not an officially-supported platform, it can be used to run Jekyll with the proper tweaks. This page aims to collect some of the general knowledge and lessons that have been unearthed by Windows users.


Madhur Ahuja has written up instructions to get Jekyll running on Windows and it seems to work for most.


If you use UTF-8 encoding, make sure that no BOM header characters exist in your files or very, very bad things will happen to Jekyll. This is especially relevant if you're running Jekyll on Windows. Additionally, you might need to change the code page of the console window to UTF-8 in case you get a "Liquid Exception: Incompatible character encoding" error during the site generation process. It can be done with the following command.

{% highlight bash %}
$ chcp 65001
{% endhighlight %}
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skopp commented Sep 2, 2013

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