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ProductID Database
106 GeoIP.dat
111 GeoIPOrg.dat
112/115 GeoIPRegion.dat
117 GeoIPASNum.dat
119 GeoIPUserType.dat
121/122 GeoIPISP.dat
132/133 GeoIPCity.dat
135 GeoIPAreaCode.dat
137 GeoIPDMACode.dat
171 GeoIPNetSpeed.dat
173 GeoIPDomain.dat
175 GeoIPDistance.dat
177 GeoIPNetSpeedCell.dat
181 GeoIPCountryConf.dat
183 GeoIPRegionConf.dat
185 GeoIPCityConf.dat
187 GeoIPPostalConf.dat
506 GeoLiteCountry.dat
517 GeoLiteASNum.dat
532/533 GeoLiteCity.dat
GeoIP2-Anonymous-IP GeoIP2-Anonymous-IP.mmdb
GeoIP2-Country GeoIP2-Country.mmdb
GeoIP2-City GeoIP2-City.mmdb
GeoIP2-Connection-Type GeoIP2-Connection-Type.mmdb
GeoIP2-Domain GeoIP2-Domain.mmdb
GeoIP2-ISP GeoIP2-ISP.mmdb
GeoLite2-Country GeoLite2-Country.mmdb
GeoLite2-City GeoLite2-City.mmdb

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dugwood commented Apr 6, 2018

Really sad there's no exhaustive list on Maxmind website... so thanks for this gist.

To check for a valid product_id, for example the 533, use:


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mkubenka commented Apr 25, 2018

GeoLite Legacy databases are no longer available from / geoipupdate.

The free versions of the GeoLite Legacy databases available at will no longer be updated and free downloads of GeoLite Legacy using the geoipupdate program will no longer be available starting April 1, 2018.

Older version of geoipupdate fails with:

Received Error -21 (Sanity check database_info string failed) when attempting to update GeoIP Database

Newer version:

Invalid user ID
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