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Created July 15, 2012 21:34
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A ColdFusion function to convert dot notation strings to structs
private struct function convertStringToStruct(required string key, required any value, string delimiter = ".") {
var obj = StructNew();
var first = ListFirst(arguments.key, arguments.delimiter);
var rest = ListRest(arguments.key, arguments.delimiter);
if (Len(rest)) {
obj[first] = convertStringToStruct(rest, arguments.value, arguments.delimiter);
} else {
obj[first] = arguments.value;
return obj;
// Declare a struct. We will later append to this
obj = StructNew();
// Create a few top level keys
obj["ab"] = "foo";
obj["b"] = "bar";
// Append a dynamically created structure
StructAppend(obj, convertStringToStruct("a.b.c", "baz"), false);
// Show our output
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